The Practice Pad features a one of a kind sound insulated rehearsal space experience. Walls and ceilings of our rehearsal rooms are framed with decoupled studs,then layered with mass loaded vinyl, Green Glue sound absorption compound, and multiple layers of sheetrock. Finished in bright colors meant to keep your creative juices flowing, and then strategically placed insulation panels help to tune the room. 


There are two rooms available for rent at any time! 


Blue Room

+350 sq ft

+up to 10 people (Greenville Jazz Collective fits 15 in here!)

+$25 per hour

Red Room

+215 sq ft

+up to 5 people

+$20 per hour

Green Membership

+15 hours of rehearsal room usage

+guitar, bass, and keyboard rigs included

+$200 per month.

Rates include full PA system, mics, and drum kit. Guitar, bass, or keyboard rigs can be added to your experience. Click HERE for more details!

Rooms are available to rent hourly by appointment 24 hours a day. Just email us at and give us at least 24 hour’s notice. A $20 non-refundable deposit is required to book rehearsal time, this will go toward your total balance. 

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