The Practice Pad features a one of a kind sound insulated rehearsal space experience. Walls of our space are designed and built with sound in mind, each building material was painstakingly chosen to deaden frequencies from the next room and the noisy world outside. From extra thick double-layered sheetrock, to Green Glue sound absorbing compound, mass-loaded vinyl in every wall, noise cancelling putty around all switches and outlets, light steel frame construction, down to the tiniest detail, the Pad is the perfect place to come get LOUD. Come use our space to get your creative juices flowing!


There are two rooms available for rent at any time! 



-1,200+ sq ft

-up to 25 people



Small Room

+200 sq ft

+up to 5 people

+$20 per hour

Monthly Deal

+15 hours of rehearsal room usage

+$200 per month.

Rates include full PA system, mics, drums, and amps. Just tell us how you need the room set when you schedule your rehearsal.

Rooms are available to rent hourly by appointment 24 hours a day. Just email us at and give us at least 24 hour’s notice. All balances must be paid up front at the time of scheduling.