Equipment Rental

The Practice Pad brings quality music equipment straight to your hands. Top notch gear is available for your rehearsal, or to backline your live show.


Guitar Amps -  Try one in your rehearsal!

Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Blues Jr.

Marshall JCM800

Marshall DSL15

Marshall JTM60

Epiphone Valve Jr.

Orange OR15


Keyboard Rigs

Roland Juno-DS

Yamaha Motif rack unit w/ semi-wighted key MIDI controller

Rhodes MK1 available by request 


Drum Kits by Gretsch and Yamaha

Bass amps

Gallien-Kruger 1x10

SWR 1x15

SWR 2x10

Ampeg SVT1000

Orange 4x10

Gallien-Kruger 4x10

Tech Service available for your gig or rehearsal by request. 

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