Equipment Rental

The Practice Pad brings quality music equipment straight to your hands. Top notch gear is available for your rehearsal, or to backline your live show.


Guitar Amps -  Try one in your rehearsal!

Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Blues Jr.

Marshall JCM800

Marshall DSL15

Marshall JTM60

Epiphone Valve Jr.

Orange OR15

Vox AC15

(1x12 or 2x12 cabs available by request)

Keyboard Rigs

Roland Juno-DS

Korg Kross

Rhodes MK1 available by request 


Drum Kits by Gretsch, Yamaha, and Ludwig

Bass amps

Gallien-Kruger 1x10

SWR 1x15

SWR 2x10

Ampeg SVT1000

Orange 4x10

Gallien-Kruger 4x10

Tech Service available for your gig or rehearsal by request.